B1A4 Works Hard Towards Good Grades at ‘The Class’ Concert [02/16/14]

There are several concert reviews I wrote this past year, but for some unexplained reason, they were never published.

I see it as a waste to leave them collecting dust, so I share with you these much overdue reviews.

Enjoy :]

It’s been more than several years since we’ve graduated from an educational institution, but B1A4 made us reminisce about the best moments of our lives through its 2014 B1A4 Concert – The Class.

On February 16, B1A4 continued its concert series in Seoul with several thousand fans in the audience. The excitement was in the air even before the concert even started, and that excitement only grew when the lights finally dimmed down and it was time for class.

Staying true to its title, the concert kicked off like school, with a intro video by actor Kim Kwang Gyu, whose most famous movie role as  a teacher carried over into the stadium, as he called out the names of the students late to class.

In the end, there were only five students who have yet to arrive – the five that everyone’s been waiting for.

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