teen top makes me want to be an idol

There. I said it.

Every time my friend Angie goes to a concert (usually of a boy band), she doesn’t fangirl over the members. Instead, she’s fuming in jealousy over the talent that these boys have. They dance, they sing, they rap, they look good, etc.

I never really understood her until I watched Teen Top’s Rocking music video.

That free step. What more can I say?

I just wish I was that coordinated and light on my feet to pull off moves like that (I can already see myself attempting, tripping, and eating dirt in the privacy of my bedroom and yet still burning up in embarrassment).

Teen Top makes it look so easy that it makes me mad. At the same time, it really shows why these boys are like stick skinny.

I’ve already told my friend Sydney (dancer, choreographer, Dancing 9 contestant) to learn the choreography and then attempt to teach me.

Until the day I master these amazing moves, I will continue to glare in pure jealousy.