SM, why have you kept Henry in hiding?

No, but seriously?
Where did this gem come from?

I’m not the most knowledgeable about Super Junior-M, except that Henry was in there and that he played violin before for Super Junior. I didn’t know if he was a singer or a rapper, but WOW.

I’m so glad that SM chose Henry over all the idols in its company to put out as a solo artist, because, really, Henry is daebak.

To be honest, I didn’t need to watch the entire music video to be convinced that Henry is freaking amazing because he did all that in the first thirty seconds. On a grand piano. In a black tux. With such passion.

But I’m glad I continued, because it seemed to get better.

Not only did the song pick up into something fantastic, he starts to dance and sing, and it’s like instant swoon.

Where did this charisma come from? Where has Henry been?

And why are Taemin and Kyuhyun even in this video?

As much as I adore Taemin and appreciate Kyuhyun, Henry was doing such a great job leading the entire video that I just kind of overlooked their cameo appearances.

Am I fangirling over Henry?
Yes. Absolutely.
How can you not, after you see all of that talent packaged into one person?

This is the best thing SM has done all year.

And this was certainly not something I was expecting out of SM, so what a wonderful breeze of fresh air.

Seriously, Henry.

Dae. Bak.