B1A4 Works Hard Towards Good Grades at ‘The Class’ Concert [02/16/14]

There are several concert reviews I wrote this past year, but for some unexplained reason, they were never published.

I see it as a waste to leave them collecting dust, so I share with you these much overdue reviews.

Enjoy :]

It’s been more than several years since we’ve graduated from an educational institution, but B1A4 made us reminisce about the best moments of our lives through its 2014 B1A4 Concert – The Class.

On February 16, B1A4 continued its concert series in Seoul with several thousand fans in the audience. The excitement was in the air even before the concert even started, and that excitement only grew when the lights finally dimmed down and it was time for class.

Staying true to its title, the concert kicked off like school, with a intro video by actor Kim Kwang Gyu, whose most famous movie role as  a teacher carried over into the stadium, as he called out the names of the students late to class.

In the end, there were only five students who have yet to arrive – the five that everyone’s been waiting for.


Before we knew it, Jin Young, Sandeul, CNU, Baro, and Gong Chan popped out from under the stage, donning brand new school uniforms, and the new semester began with the song Who Am I.

After the opening number’s end, the members greeted fans and reporters, giving excuses to their tardiness to school just as we did when we were students.

Each time they addressed the audience in between songs, there was a school-related purpose behind it.

The members talked about their friends during their school years as well as the cute girls they crushed on, making smooth transitions into songs related to that topic.


There was also a very meaningful segment that touched on the recent growth of school violence, which was followed by the B1A4 members making all the fans in the audience pinky promise not to be bullies to anyone in their schools, although they knew their fans would never do that in the first place.

Proving their athletic abilities, the B1A4 members held their own field day, doing a relay run around the stadium. The members purposely didn’t make it to the finish line in time and proceeded to do random dances as punishment, generating much laughter from the audience.

They even put their acting skills to the test in a 2-part drama about five school friends dreaming of becoming singers together, which had the fans keeling over its adorable cheesiness.

A conflict in the drama had the five splitting up, which smoothly led straight into the members’ solo and collaboration performances for Drunk with Music, Too Much and Baby as part of their midterm exams.

The five members eventually made up in the second episode of the drama, highlighting that if it’s isn’t five, there just is no meaning.


The concert continued with a school festival, with B1A4 hitting all of its energetic songs, like In the Air, Baby Good Night and OK, which turned out to be the ultimate fan service song with the members going absolutely wild.

But of course. a school year is not over until graduation, and the B1A4 members made their way back on the stage for the encore stage, singing Amazing, greeted by a sea of fans holding up signs that read, “I’ll Be Your Strength” – the fan event planned for that night.

Following the song, the members put on their graduation gowns and caps, commenting that it was the first time wearing these special gowns, since in Korea, gowns are only worn for university graduations.

After taking graduation pictures, each member went around, sending their heartfelt love for the fans.


Baro said that he doesn’t know how to express how much B1A4 loves their fans, while Sandeul added that the fans remind him of why he works so hard as a singer. Just like the lyrics of Amazing, Jin Young said he is so happy to have so many people who are so amazing to him.

“I’m just so content. What more can I say?” said Jin Young, shedding grateful tears.

CNU continued in a shaky voice, admitting that they went through lots of hardships but managed to rise above it with the strength from the fans.

With a face already streaked with tears, Gong Chan managed to say, “We’ll become your heart and keep on running to make sure it never stops.”

The members embraced and consoled each other as more tears followed, and Jin Young concluded, saying, “You said you were going to be our strength, but we will be your strength. We’ll always cherish this memory.”

The final song of the night turned out to be Road, which perfectly wrapped up the school year, promising that they’ll see each other again, even after graduation.


What started out as just another school year –  or just another concert – ended up becoming a meaningful event that reminded of us of the good times we spent in our school years, even if we didn’t realize it at the time.

The dreaded picture days, the annoying sports events under the hot sun, the failed exams,  the school lunches that were like lottery, that one teacher who encouraged you to actually learn, the boy sitting next to you who wouldn’t stop tugging at your hair, your most trusted circle of friends, and more. So much more.

B1A4’s The Class concert wasn’t just a concert for us. It was a walk down memory lane. And for the younger audience members who are still in school, it was a preview of what’s to come.

Perhaps it’s the strong effect of nostalgia that the group had us drowning in, but throughout the concert, B1A4 wrote out a tightly-knitted essay with the right amount of imagery and symbolism, and if we had the authority to do so, the B1A4 members would be getting an A on their report cards.


Photo Credit: CJ E&M


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