Kpop Stars and the People that Dance Behind Them

October/November has been crazy. Lots of lolzy things have happened that put me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I can’t say that the ride is really over yet, but at least for now, I’m steadily transitioning from the biggest fall to the biggest rise.

Personal life aside (might be too icky for this blog), I have to say, I am so proud of my friends.

Not just one, but two of them have somehow gotten a job as extras in two music videos for two big named stars.

syd1 syd2

Yes, it’s true. If you’re not looking, you might miss them because their appearances only last for  a good three seconds.

But still.

These are music videos that have been garnering more than a couple million views.
They can sit back on their floating rocking chairs 50 years from now and show their grandchildren these videos and say, “See that person right there, behind Hyuna/Taeyang? That’s your grandma.”

They’ve been etched somewhere in Kpop history because they made it into these music videos, while thousands and thousands of fans can only dream of appearing in one.

angie angie1

Am I overreacting a tad bit?
Perhaps I am, but it’s not everyday when your friends wind up in a Kpop video.

Something tells me that this is only the beginning of their careers.

Whether as Kpop back dancers or Kpop-affilated personels or maybe not even Kpop-related (but still something awesome),  I’m just excited for what’s in store for them in the future.

Not sure how many people even read this blog, but here’s some shameless promotion – Follow Sydney and Angelina on Twitter!

Now, onto finding out what my future entails.

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