Tis exciting times in K-Pop

The mix of old and new, as well as Psy who is hot abroad~
Isn’t the music industry so exciting these days?

…as stated by Eric, following Shinhwa’s first general cable win in seven years and against Cho Yong Pil, who returned after a 10-year hiatus from producing music.

Not only are the usual young idol groups with their colorful outfits and flashy dance moves around, but there’s a good mix of all generations of K-Pop.

From LC9, who just made its debut, to Shinhwa, returning with its 11th album, and  finally to Cho Yong Pil, who just celebrated his 45th anniversary.

Right now, in the wide pool of K-Pop, there is so much diversity that it’s absolutely mindblowing. And these times prove that age does not matter – an issue that initially put so much doubt in people.

I mean, who would have thought Shinhwa would be going up against Cho Yong Pil for number one in 2013?

So just like Eric said, it is a very exciting time in K-pop.

And starting fresh,  I begin this blog to remember these exciting times.